Teach kids the importance of being protected


Kids love the beach, but not applying sun block. They have to stop playing. It's boring. To teach kids the importance of being protected from sun exposure, in a way that they understand best: Playing.

We created NIVEA Doll a UV sensitive doll that sunburns when exposed to sunlight without protection. Children needs to apply NIVEA SUN KIDS Sun Block to protect the doll, just like their parents do to protect them.



From POC* to Product

This is the journey of a product production.

*Proof of concept

Chance to practice with native English speakers.


CNA is one of Brazil’s biggest language schools and focuses on providing an amazing journey through the whole learning experience. Tha’s why it needed a new way to give their students the chance to practice with native English speakers. But how could they do it without the need to travel abroad? We came up with a simple solution. Speaking Exchange is a learning platform that connects Brazilian students with the people who want to talk the most: American senior citizens living in retirement homes. The Skype conversations were reviewed and corrected by CNA’s teachers.

For this idea to work, it had not only to draw the attention of the students but also of the institutions who would volunteer to be partners. We managed that by transforming the pilot experience into branded content. We launched a video that simply showed how the project worked. The power of the idea made it go viral. In just a few days, without a single dollar invested, it was viewed, shared and commented by millions of people in social and traditional medias.



An AD that allows parents to monitor the distance from their children on the beach.


Showing NIVEA SUN KIDS's protection capacity on an ad. To achieve this, we decided to protect children from another huge parents concern: the risto of them getting lost on the beach, especially when it is crowded. That was how "The Protection Ad" started, an ad that turns into a bracelet for children to wear and be monitored by their parents' cell phone.



ePrint is mobile printing technology


A social network of HP printers spreading missing posters through the ePrint ferature. Nowadays, everyone is far more interested on the screen of their devices, either at home or at the office. Paper seems to have lost its relevance and so did printing. In Brazil, 200.000 people go missing every year, and posters are still the best way to help, 8 out of 10 printers sold in Brazil are HP. ePrint is mobile printing technology that allows anyone to print from anywhere by sending an email to the printer. The perfect feature to bring up printing relevance: to connect the printers and spread the posters.

Print for help is a helping social network. To became a member, user simply need to register the HP printer's email and zip code. When someone goes missing the family contacts the "Mães da Sé" NGO, the NGO enters the web APP and creates a customized poster on the new standard, so printers registered on the area the person went missing start printing the posters automatically.



An AD that allows parents to monitor the distance from their children on the beach.


Johnnie Walker celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2018, and to celebrate, its Brazilian agency CP&B has taken its iconic "Striding Man" emblem on a walk through its history.

The campaign includes five collectible packaging designs created by the agency, featuring illustrations inspired by different moments in its history.1908, the year the icon was created, is inspired by art nouveau; 1929, the first time the symbol was redesigned, is a reference to oil painting; 1970, the year that the logo became a pop culture icon, alludes to silk-screen printing; 1996, when Johnnie Walker added Green, Gold and Blue Labels, recalls CRT TV sets and VHS; and finally, 2018, the year of the 110th anniversary, has a minimalist design.

The five different looks are brought to life in an animation, seen here, produced by Vetor Zero, that pays tribute to the different decades in its design. The packaging will be available thorughout Brazil.

The campaign also includes a 10-meter digital screen at Sao Paulo airport with a motion sensor that allows the Striding Man from different decades to walk alongside people passing in front of the panel produced by the partner BizSys. There will also be a partnership with Spotify, where people will get to choose from the five versions of the Striding Man and enjoy a playlist curated to represent that year.